Saturday, October 29, 2011

Welcome to Paranormal Addicts!

Hi guys! If you've found my page somehow I apologize for how "lame" it looks as a blog. I opened this blogging page up awhile ago before I decided to make my own website (that one looks MUCH nicer!)

I've found this blog again after months and I decided to try and "fix" the blog up a bit if I can so that I can post some of my book reviews here along with my website and other areas :) If you'd like feel free to follow me on GFC and if you go to the website  listed ^ it has links to my Facebook page Paranormal Addicts where I do contests for Free books etc :)

Going to go and try to make this page a little nicer! Come see us on Facebook and feel free to check back for Book Reviews in the Paranormal Genre!

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  1. Cherry popper here to say.............
    hahaha <3 ya