Sunday, August 12, 2012

GUEST POST - What Writing Means to Author Michael Loring


There are people that are under the impression that a lot of authors write in order to pursue a career. Some believe it’s all about the money and fame, that all the author wishes to accomplish is to become famous and make a ton of money for having written the next Twilight series. And maybe for some that’s true, but for me and certainly many other authors it isn’t about that at all.

It’s about the escape. The reprieve from reality that draws us to the world of writing. When you write, you become a God-figuratively of course. You control the lives of these characters you create, and you decide what goes and what doesn’t. You decide if a vampire is affected by sunlight, or if a werewolf transforms only during the full moon, or if a human can fly or not. You decide who dies and who doesn’t, who CAN die and who CAN’T. It’s kind of a rush!

Writing isn’t just some hobby, it’s a passion! A passion you dedicate yourself to for as long as needed to complete this world of your creation. It’s an escape from the reality you find boring and uneventful to a place where things are always harrowing and interesting. It doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t handle reality, it just means you are bored with it and like to place yourself in another. Writing can save you from a bad situation, from a dull moment, from yourself. No matter what mood you’re in you can channel it into writing. Who needs therapy? Writing is there for you in even the worst situation. It’s your friend, your savior. It will always be there for you, because it doesn’t judge or persecute you. Plus it’s free to do.

There are people who seek out writing as a way to make money. There was an episode of Two and a Half Men where one of the main characters, Allen, attempts to write a screenplay to help him get out of his financial problem, but he couldn’t come up with any good ideas and kept returning to the idea of a meteor hurtling towards Earth. The reason he couldn’t do it was because he didn’t truly hold the passion for writing like we authors do. Only those who are truly dedicated can write. You don’t write just for the benefits, you write to escape and to create. It’s a give-give act, not a give-take.

Asking an author what it’s like to write is a tough question. You’ll never fully understand until you do it yourself. No one can explain exactly what it’s like, because it’s just one of those things. It’s an art, a passion, a lifestyle only a select type of person can do.

Don’t try to write unless you can feel it. Like I said, writing is only for those who are doing it for fun rather than for profit. The money you can make from writing is just an added bonus. If you don’t feel the passion burning inside of you, then don’t even attempt it. Everyone has a passion in life, and something they take great joy from. Writing is my passion, what’s yours?

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