Wednesday, September 26, 2012

POP QUIZ & GIVEAWAY - Rachel Carrington


Today our victim is Rachel Carrington.
She is in the hot seat today and she took the time to share a little bit about herself.  Yes, I didn't go easy on her either.

1. My favorite number:  7
2. My favorite drink:  Coke
3. Prefer giving or getting presents: Giving presents  
4. My favorite ice cream topping: Caramel
5. Do you slow down or speed up at yellow lights:  Speed up
6. Vanilla or Chocolate: Vanilla
7. Toilet paper under or over: Over
8. Did you make your bed today: No
9. Do you put both socks on and then the shoes, or one sock and the same shoe: Both socks first
10. What do you like on your baked potato: Butter only
11. Peace on earth or cure for cancer: Cure for cancer
12. Do you put the toilet seat lid down: Nope
13. Your current pen; black, blue, red or other: Black
14. My favorite scent: Cinnamon and apples
15. My BFF is a male or female: Female
16. How many children: None
17. Sweet or salty: Salty
18. When was the last time you backed up your computer data: Daily. I use Carbonite.
19. Is your work area organized or chaotic: Organized
20. Real book, Kindle, Nook or other: Kindle

Why do I feel a little bit nosy when I read what I asked.  Now the fun part.  Rachel is giving away TWO copies of The First Spell.


Prequel to Hot Magic Series which includes Indigo Spell, Breaking the Spell, and Unchained Spell

Captivated by a wizard with amnesia, Jensen knows he's only asking for trouble when he takes her to his world. Finding out she's a member of an enemy guild doesn't change his connection to her. And their first kiss only strengthens his need to keep her close.

Barely knowing her own name, Charlemaine begins having horrible visions of impeding doom, and she's labeled an enemy of Jensen's guild. She doesn't trust she isn't being used as bait to bring down the group of powerful wizards, but she doesn't want to leave Jensen.

Jensen will risk anything to save Charlemaine's life when magic gives way to betrayal. But will the need for vengeance overcome even the strongest love?





I can officially say....WOW...Niiiiiice covers!!  They look very worthy to be added to my collection.

Thank you again Rachel for being a great sport and stopping by.  Also thanks for the great giveaway!

Be sure to check out her other sites:
or check her out on Twitter: @rcarrington2004

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  1. thanks for a fun post and congrats to Rachel on the new release! Ummm... only about half of her answers would be the same for me ;)

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Erin. I loved this quiz!

  3. Almost all of her answers would be my answers

  4. I had about 7 of her answers!! lol

  5. about half of her answers matched what i would have answered. nice interview/quiz, and thanks for the contest :)