Monday, February 11, 2013

FREE eBOOKS - The Herald of Autumn by Irrational Worlds

FREE eBooks!!!

Yes, you read that right.  Irrational Worlds is offering TWENTY copies of 
The Herald of Autumn 
for FREE!!

There is no obligation, but if you like what you read, please write a review and spread the word.  The more people you tell, the better.

 Word Count - 30,002
Publication date - October 2, 2012
Genre - Mythic Fantasy
Reading Level - Adult
Heat - Low, poetic sexuality. No profanity

Mythology lives.
It breathes.
It walks the land.

Tommy Maple is a fae - the Herald of Autumn, one of the last of his kind. Every year, with the dawn of fall, he awakens, to again wander the land. Wherever he goes, red leaves and cold wind follows him, and wherever he goes- he hunts. In this young adult fantasy, there are things unseen in the world of men, strange fairy tale things that live in the cracks between places. It is Tommy's place to hunt them, protecting us from the darkness that we cannot see.

As the Untold Age dawns, he is one of the few fae creatures that remains in our world. Creatures borne and breathing stories, fairy tales and magic, and now their age is at an end.

This Autumn , however, is different from those in the past. Tommy awakens to the taunting of an age-old enemy, and is powerless before him. Soon, a sinister tale unfolds- a story that spans centuries and the entire continent, and ends with horror -laden, one bone chilling point.

The Untold Age isn't coming- it's already here.

It's fae harbingers walk the land.

Now Tommy faces a horror unlike anything he has ever faced before. But soon it is obvious that even the last fairy tale cannot stand against the cold horror that comes, and Tommy learns that perhaps, the end is in fact inevitable. Soon, he and his kind may be only mythology.

The Untold Age comes.

To get your free copy please follow this link:

Be sure to hurry.  Irrational Worlds have twenty (20) copies available and you don't want to miss your chance.


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  2. nice free ebook.. I've always been mesmerized by mythologies and fantasy books since grade school because of our encyclopedia. I'll upload this one as soon as possible.. gee.. thanks!