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Paranormal Addicts welcomes Sara Humphreys!!

Sara is stopping by to share a bit about herself and give away a paperback copy of her new release for the Amoceo Legend series - Untouched!

Welcome, can you tell us a little about yourself how long you've been writing? 

I’ve always created stories in some way, shape or form. I had drifted away from writing due to work/life/kids but found my way back to it a few years ago and never looked back.

If you didn’t write, what other profession would you have selected?

I was an actor and adored that but getting work isn’t easy and it’s not exactly conducive to family life. For the past decade or so, I’ve worked as a professional public speaker and trainer. I train executives all over the country on public speaking & presentation skills through my company Taney Speaker Training.

What profession do you think you would hate?

Anything that involved doing the same thing over and over. Sitting a desk organizing someone else’s crap would probably be at the top of that list. Shoot me now.

Who is your favorite author?

It’s a toss-up between Christine Feehan & Lori Handeland

Other than writing, what are some of your passions in life?

My family. I’m married to my college sweetheart and we have four teenage/pre-teen sons.

Okay, you have just finished your book or it has just been released.  Is there something special you do to celebrate?

I’ll watch a movie and just hang out with the family. No computer. Just the family.

How long does it usually take for you to write a book? 

That depends. When I was working full-time at College of Westchester, I would need at least 8 months. However, now that I’m working from home full-time, it’s going to be more like 3 months…but we shall see.

Do you ever suffer from writer’s block?  If so, what do you do to get out of it?

I step away from the computer and get some distance from it. Music is also an excellent way to spark a lazy muse.

We would love for you to paint a picture for us of you writing your books.  Do you always write in your office?  Do you ever go outside on a beautiful day and write there?  Are you listening to music when you write?  Drinking wine?  Do you do your best work during the day?  At night? 

All of the above. In all honesty it depends on what’s going on with my kids, what gigs are happening with Taney Speaker Training and how much sleep I’ve gotten. I’ve done all the things that you mentioned but my favorite is to sit on my deck on a beautiful day. That’s heaven.

Can you share a little of your current work with us? 

Sure. I just finished an Amoveo free e-book short story. It will be available for download in October. This should be a great way for a new reader to fall in love with the Amoveo. I’m also working on TALL, DARK, AND, VAMPIRE. It’s the first book in my vampire series, DEAD IN THE CITY.

Will we be seeing a following book to this story? 

You sure will. In fact, there are three more books coming in the AMOVEO LEGEND series. UNTAMED will be out in November 2012. UNDONE and UNCLAIMED will be released in 2013.

What were your feelings when you first saw the cover of your finished book? 

I thought that it was gorgeous and that the designers at Sourcebooks had captured the spirit of the book beautifully. Their covers always rock!

Sara is a graduate of Marist College, with a B.A. Degree in English Literature & Theater. Her initial career path after college was as a professional actress. Some of her television credits include, A&E Biography, Guiding Light, Another World, As the World Turns and Rescue Me.
Sara is the President of Taney Speaker Training, which specializes in public speaking, presentation development and communication skills training. She has trained executives at Verizon, Bristol-Meyer Squibb, Westchester County and the United States Navy.  Her speaking career beganwith Monster’s Making It Count programs, speaking in high schools and colleges around the United States to thousands of students.
Sara has been a lover of both the paranormal and romance novels for years. Her sci-fi/fantasy/romance obsession began years ago with the TV Series STAR TREK and an enormous crush on Captain Kirk. That sci-fi obsession soon evolved into the love of all types of fantasy/paranormal; vampires, ghosts, werewolves, and of course shape shifters. Sara is married to her college sweetheart, Will. They live in Bronxville, New York with their 4 boys and 2 insanely loud dogs. Life is busy but never dull.

I do have to say, this is a great trailer for Untouched!  Enjoy!

Welcome to the Amoveo Legend

What if you suddenly discovered your own powers were beyond anything you'd ever imagined...

Samantha Logan's childhood home had always been a haven, but everything changed while she was away. She has a gorgeous new neighbor, Malcolm, who introduces her to the amazing world of the dream-walking, shapeshifting Amoveo clans...but what leaves her reeling with disbelief is when he tells her she's one of them...

And shock turns to terror as Samantha falls prey to the deadly enemy determined to destroy the Amoveo, and the only chance she has to come into her true powers is to trust in Malcolm to show her the way...

Get swept away into Sara Humphreys's glorious world and breathtaking love story...



Kerry Smithson’s modeling career ensures that she will be admired from afar, which is essential since mere human touch sparks blinding pain and terrifying visions.

Dante Coltari is hired to protect Kerry from those who know who she is—or more importantly what she is—and want her dead because of it. Nothing could have prepared him for the challenge of keeping her safe. But, strangely, his lightest touch brings her exquisite pleasure rather than pain, and Dante and Kerry have an otherwordly connection that might just pull them through.


The Amoveo are an ancient race who've lived secretly among humans for thousands of years. They are beautiful and incredibly strong but their race is extremely fragile--each has until the age of 30 to find their soul mate, before their bodies start to die a slow, painful death. 

Layla Nickelsen has spent her life running from a mate she didn't choose, until William Fleury finally confronts her. Normally stoic and unemotional, William finds himself befuddled by Layla: his growing feelings for her and his driving need to protect her. And Layla has to admit that William might be everything she's always wanted after all...


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