Friday, May 25, 2012

5 Stars for Sevin by Elizabeth Amber, an amazing series

I've been follow the Satyr series for a few years and I am quite addicted to the world that Elizabeth Amber has created. 
For those of you that don't know, this series is a paranormal Erotica series featuring 2 Satyr clans. 
The first clan is based in the 1820's. The Tuscany Clan features Nicholas, Raine, Lyon, & Dominic.
The second clan is based in the 1880's. The Rome Clan features Dane, Bastian, & Sevin. 

A little history about the Satyr clans. They are from the Otherworld and during the full moon every month they are forced to fornicate/mate with someone else or shimmerskins (beings that the Satyr's can create to fornicate with on those special nights). They have two penises on calling night and after the first time of coming, the 2nd one will disappear. They are descended from Bacchus, the God of Wine and Lust, hence the fortification. Elizabeth creates an amazingly realistic historical world with mystical creatures that we don't get to see a lot of. If you haven't read the other books I suggest you read them before starting Sevin. 

                The following is the 1820's Tuscany Clan

                       The next in the series is the 1880's Rome Clan

Sevin is basically two stories. We get Sevin and his story with Alexa. Then we get Lucien with Natalia. This was a bit different because normally each Satyr normally gets his own book, although I will admit that Lord Sevin got probably 2/3rd's of the book and Lucien was a much shorter story near the end. Both were great though.

Lord Sevin Satyr owns the Salone Di Passione, which is basically a place where others who are from ElseWorld can come here on full moon nights to fornicate freely and in safety. Alexa Patrizzi is friends with Eva (who is Danes wife). 

On the night of the full moon Eva is dropped off at the club to meet her husband Dane and Alexa is in her carriage. The problem is Alexa's family tortured and kept Lucien for many years as a sex slave so Lucien absolutely hates her, though Lord Sevin is completely attracted to her. He believes along with Lucien that the Patrizzi family is their enemy and although all her family is dead except Alexa, they still believe her to be their enemy. The problem is did she have anything to do with keeping Lucien locked up? 

Lord Sevin basically tells Alexa that if she stays in town, one of these fornication nights they are going to meet and have a passion filled night. They are both attracted to one another but Alexa claims she had nothing to do with what her family did and Sevin doesn't believe her. They are at an impasse. 

Sevin has been staying with his brother Lucien since his release to make sure that he fornicates on full moon nights. It might just seem like sex to some but if the Satyrs do not fornicate on a full moon night, they will die. So since Lucien was kept as basically a sex slave and abhors any touch, Sevin stays with him on those nights to make sure he takes care of himself.  

One this special night Sevin and Lucien are in the club and Lucien somehow manages to transport himself to these catacombs under Alexa's house. Sevin grabbed him as it was happening and they both disappeared. They took awhile to figure out where they had ended up and Alexa ends up showing up as well. She's not sure of the way out since her family only showed her the entrance to the catacombs when they told her what they did and what they expected of her. She's by herself in the house when someone breaks in so she runs to the only place she knows she can hide, she might not get back out though.

Sevin is determined to have Lucien and himself sleep with her to survive but Lucien is extremely reluctant so Sevin promises with his gift to fetter out secrets of the mind and heart that he will tell him if Alexa had anything to do with what happened to him. Lucien agrees and Sevin proceeds to seduce her and they both end up spending a very passionate night with her. Alexa is sad and she offers her body to Lucien as payment for her family's crimes against him...... Needless to say there is some background plot going on from someone in Alexa's past. There is a lot to get through between Lucien and Alexa's past. 

We jump to Lucien who basically goes back through time and space to heal. He doesn't know it at the time but he turns into a statue in ElseWorld and he's gone for a really long time. Natalia who teaches at one of the schools somehow manages to crack his statue while trying to save her sisters butt for being out of bed at the Academy. There's some definite evil going on in Lucien's story. Not just with Lucien but with Natalia and the Academy they are at. The statue is at this academy with a sign that basically whoever wakes the statue shall save them all. Its a very intriguing plot considering Lucien's story is so much shorter than Sevins. Very meaningful and I loved reading about both Sevin and Lucien. 

If you like paranormal historical erotica you will really enjoy Elizabeth Amber's Satyr series. She creates believable worlds with spectacular characters who are just like us, they want to laugh, love, and be loved in return. The brothers in each series have an amazing bond with one another and you get the sense of family with each of her stories. She's one of my favorite authors and I really enjoy the historical twists that come with the paranormal, and of course the sex is scorching hot. Give her a try! 

5 Stars from Paranormal Addicts


  1. I have read the Tuscany Clan :) But, I have not read the Roman Clan. Hmmmm...looks like I'll be adding to my TBR pile. Thank you for bringing them to my attetion. Awesome review!!!

  2. Cheryl awesome! I get a little confused even with the little map in the front stating who's who.. I don't understand why there's one in Tuscany and one in Rome... even if the dates are different.. well wouldn't there still be Satyr's in both places that might eventually run into each other? LOL ;) And you're so welcome! Its scary how talented Elizabeth is ;) I'm a huge fan of both Clan's though... amazing but I'm attached to both *grins* :)