Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Beast Warrior by Eva Gordon

Emelisse is the daughter of rich Alpha with a prophesy hanging over her head that she wants nothing to do with. Born with a weak heart and strong spirit, she feels smothered by her fathers coddling and dreams of a human life away from pack law. Driven into the arms of a farm boy, she falls pregnant only to have her lover murdered by a cruel Alpha that lusts after her father's lands and lays claim to her for only that reason. Alone and brokenhearted, she is shipped to a monastery where she loses her child and is taken captive the Bear Men who are more animal than man. To her surprise, traveling amongst the Bear Men, Emelisse meets Sigurd, an alpha who hides his lycan nature with wolfen magic. He seeks revenge against his Bear companions for the death of his pack. Enthralled by Emelisse, Sigurd vows to protect her with his life. Where does this lone wolf fit into the prophecy and why does Emelisse now long for pack life? This book is very different from the first, a true stand alone novel. However true to form, Eva Gordon brings an enchanting love story, a look in to the beginnings of Were lore and spine tingling action... I never turn down a book with Viking beheading each other and shifting from swords to claws mid-battle. I give this book 4 Nerds.

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