Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Werewolf Sanctuary by Eva Gordon

I am not impressed with the cover but I am really impressed with the story. I give it a solid 4 Nerds. The story centers around Dr. Maddie Styles, who specializes in Lupine (wolf) breeds. While in Ethiopia, her good for nothing fiance drops her like a bad habit leaving her swearing off men for a while. Maddie doesn't even want a rebound! Not long after she comes home she is contacted by uber-hottie, Alpha werewolf, Wyatt Weylan. His pack needs help with a mysterious disease that steals away their cubs to death or leaves them in wolf form forever. Her expertise is just what they need. However, Wyatt wasn't expecting to meet his Wolf Maiden, a human female who can mate with an Alpha to make Alpha babies or Wolf Maidens. This story is full of romance and action like killer fight scenes. Add in romance, toss in a bad Alpha and some neat insight into Eva Gordon's werewolf world...stir it all around and you have a book worth the read!

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