Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Soul To Steal by Rob Blackwell

This is the type of review I hate writing, because I know that the author has talent. Talent really doesn't do him justice. Rob Blackwell creates great imagery that sucks you in and characters that you actually fear or you have real empathy for them. The connection is palpable. However, I'm really confused about the plot. I'm not getting sucked into this novel the way I should. It's a bit like walking in to the middle of a conversation. I am so lost, I don't think I can force myself to read it the whole way through it. Like I said, this type of review is the hardest because the author is so good. I think with some editing and some creative reworking this novel would be a hit. Good on ya, Mr. Blackwell. Keep writing!

This book gets 1 Red Flower.

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