Sunday, December 4, 2011

Toni's Review of Heart Over Mind by Sara Trimble ***3.5 Stars***

Author: Sara Trimble
Length: 199 Pages
Publisher: Self Published via Smashwords
Date Published: September 14, 2011
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Content: Contemporary, Adult Content, Vampires, Shape Shifters, Ghosts, Fae, Magic, M/F

Nala gets life-altering news. She has a family, and more than one secret power. Even worse is that she also has a mad man seeking to kill her. Gabriel arrives and promises to protect her. With him around, she may be safe from Broncestan, but her heart is in danger of breaking.

Gabriel makes it clear from day one that he's not interested in a relationship. Despite the fact that sparks fly whenever he and Nala touch, he wants to focus on the one thing that matters to him. His job. It's too bad that Nala's determined not to let that happen. And when multiple signs point to their being together as Fate deems right, Gabriel wonders if he's fighting a losing battle.


Nala Arpaia had a feeling her life was about to change and she was right. Gabriel Ricardo blew into her world and from that moment on, nothing will ever be the same.

Nala lost her parents at a very young age. Growing up in foster homes then eventually an orphanage has made Nala a strong person. She has always known she had some powers, but she never had any idea of the extent. Becoming a psychiatrist is a perfect profession for her. With her ability to control minds, she is able to help people with their problems. Now that her life has changed, she will be able to do more with her abilities and learn more about herself. She is about to journey into a whole new world filled with magical creatures and new adventures.

Gabriel is a man with a mission. Bring the Chosen back to her family in Albania. He never expected the vibrant woman to breech his iron will and defenses, but that is exactly what Nala does. From the moment he sees her in his mind he has a feeling he is in trouble.

Gabriel must get Nala to Albania to keep her safe. Evil is coming for Nala in the form of a dead soul named Broncestan. He is hell bent on ruling the world and he has one last obstacle, Nala Arpaia. Broncestan is a man of mystery. Ever changing and growing in power, Nala is the only person that can save the world. Will she be strong enough to stop him?

The plot of this story was very intriguing. While I was having problems at first connecting with the major characters, they did start to make contact with me. Nala and Gabriel’s relationship didn’t work for me at first. As soon as they started to have interactions with other characters in Albania, they started to gel as a couple for me.

Initially the story was not gripping or captivating. Heart Over Mind has a measured build up and then I couldn’t put it down. While it is slow to start, I enjoyed it greatly. I’m not sure if there was some special element that was missing or it just needed to set roots. Eventually it did and then you had to hold on tight. Characters, plot and suspense all took hold and there was no holding back.

Upon doing my research on Ms. Trimble, I must note this is her first published work. I can see oodles of promise and ability in her work. I have a feeling she will be an author to look out for.

Heart Over Mind is a pleasant paranormal novel. It had some steamy scenes and the sexual tension between Nala and Gabriel was very entertaining at times. If you want to read the beginnings of some great talent, then pick up this book. Watch out world, here comes Sara Trimble!

Thanks for reading!! - Toni

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