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Toni's Review of Shifter's Song by Vanessa North ***5 Stars***

Edouard Bonsaint has a bear-sized problem. He hasn't shifted in ten years, and isn't sure he even can anymore. Chaperoned by his youngest brother, Bruno, he heads to the Wiccan Haus to ask Rekkus for help. But when Bruno doesn't show up on the other side of the portal, Edouard's inability to shift is no longer his biggest problem.

Lincoln Tucker has it all: money, fame, and a golden voice. But he's in the closet twice over--few people know he's gay, and even fewer know he can shift into a songbird at will. Downtime at the Wiccan Haus between tours allows him to be himself. Throw a big toppy bear-shifter into the mix, and Lincoln might just have all he's ever wanted--if he can trust himself to hold on to Edouard.

With passions and tempers burning hot, can Lincoln help Edouard bring forth the bear and save his brother?


If I had the ability, I’d be doing back flips.

When I finished Shifter’s Dance earlier in the week I was hoping, praying and I likely would have been begging to read about Stephen’s brothers, Edouard and Bruno.  I knew there was another Wiccan Haus book out there, but since I didn’t have it in my greedy little hands, I let it go.  I actually thought there was no way Vanessa already had finished one of the brother’s books.  Boy was I 110% wrong.  Not only is it done, published and excellent; a little birdie told me she is working on the last brother’s book as we speak.  Again, imagine the back flipping and dancing around.  Trust me it is all in my head and not in reality, because I’d hurt myself.

The Bonsaint brothers are heading to Wiccan Haus for a little R&R and to give newlyweds Stephen and Romy some peace and quiet.  Edouard also plans to work on his inability to shift into his bear.  Things didn’t go as planned.  For some reason Bruno didn’t make it to the other side of the portal.  Edouard is understandably upset, but the sexy Lincoln is there to take his mind off his troubles.

Lincoln is a man in need of a break.  He is a high profile singer and the stress of touring and the pressures his big sister keeps piling on him; have him at his wits end.  It’s time to break away and relax in the comforting arms of Wiccan Haus and he’s seen the arms he wants wrapped around him, Edouard’s.

Edouard’s stress from his missing brother and the likelihood he won’t be able to help search for Bruno, because he can’t shift, has him stir crazy.  One note from a lovely Blackburnian Warbler settles his soul and he is able to shift into his brown bear once again.  Now the only thing he needs to worry about is hurting his lover Lincoln.  He will not let the past repeat itself.

First the thing that stood out for me in Shifter’s Song was that even though they are both shifters they didn’t fall in the shifter’s mating trap; the zing and recognition, lust fills the air, they fall in bed together, because hello, their instincts are making them do it and the horns toot and the bells ring and they live happily ever after.  Nope these men fought it all the way.  Yes, one of them accepted it sooner than the other, but there was a bit of a battle to accept fate.  It wasn’t absolute instinct for them.  They had to work for it and let me just say, YAY!

Second thing that was a shining beacon for me…I absolutely loved these two men’s names.  Both are first for me and well like I said, I loved them!!

Finally third, I’d like to congratulate Vanessa for writing the first M/M Wiccan Haus story.  You have set the bar high and if I was sitting next to you, I’d be patting you on the back; very well done.  Their romance felt natural, yet very sexy and steamy. 

I think I only had one slight problem with the story.  Edouard wasn’t upset enough about his brother being missing.  I can understand that he was distracted by the loveliness of Lincoln, but with him being the oldest and a big protective bear, I felt there should have been just a bit more angst.  It really isn’t a big deal, but I just had to put it out there.  Now that I’m over it, Shifter’s Song was AWESOME!!

The story was well thought out and it was nice to see Stephen and Romy again.  I also love how all three of their books are flowing so well together and I personally can’t wait for Bruno’s book.  You hinted a bit about Bruno, without giving anything away and I’m booking my trip to Wiccan Haus to watch it unfold firsthand.  All aboard, the ferry is about to leave the port!

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What is better than having a guest from
the birthplace of paranormal beginnings - Romania! 
Please welcome Carmen Stefanescu!

Welcome Carmen, can you tell us a little about yourself how long you've been writing?
I am a teacher of English and German. I live in Romania, better known as Dracula's country, in Eastern Europe. After the fall of dictatorship in 1989, things changed a bit and the access to the Internet and the opening to the world helped me start publishing. Though English isn't my first, not even my second language, everything I've published until now is written in English. I've been writing since I was a student, in fact. Satirical poems and short stories at that time, in my native tongue, Romanian. They remained drawer projects. Poems in English, later. I was awarded the Silver Cup for poetry in 2004 for my English poems. And now I turned to long prose. In English.

If you didn't write, what other profession would you have selected?
I am not a professional writer, as I said above, I am a teacher. However, had I been twenty years younger in 1989, when things took a turn in Romania, I would have liked to be an IT specialist. Computers fascinate me.

Who is your favorite author?
I always dreamed to be a writer like Agatha Christie. I also came to love the writing of many authors along the years. The great classics brought another perspective on life in my teenage years. As a student I read voraciously and as an adult I continued doing it. I have respect for each and every writer who enhanced my life and made me cry or laugh or dream, who enabled me to imagine different worlds, alternative realities, paths not chosen, cities not yet built. Coming back to the answer, I will name some of my favorite authors, even if it means not mentioning other many, many ones: Stephen King, Thomas Hardy, Mihai Eminescu, Catherine Cookson, Mary Higgins Clark, A. Tennyson, Liviu Rebreanu, Jeffrey Archer, H. Balzac, Somerset Maugham, F. Forsyth, Jane Austen, Ch. Bronte, Th. Dreiser, and John Steinbeck. And many more!

What is your favorite genre to read?
Thrillers, paranormals (not vampires even if I live in Dracula's country), a combination of romance with mystery. Everything that has ghosts, reincarnation, karmic retribution. I believe that our soul is immortal. Should it be my fear of the eternity of nothingness? Maybe! I can't really say.

What books are currently on your nightstand?
Prisoner by Birth by Jeffrey Archer and Doomsday Conspiracy by Sidney Sheldon.

How long does it usually take for you to write a book? 
The first draft takes me between two to six weeks. The real challenge begins after finishing it. Polishing the manuscript, editing, finding a publisher willing to accept my submission and finally, after the release, advertising my book. For Shadows of the Past it meant three weeks for writing and seven years until I signed the contract with Wild Child Publishing, USA.

Where does your inspiration for a new book come from?
My life experience is a main source of inspiration: the people I met, a movie, an article in a newspaper, a life event told by someone, a dream, or even a line in a poem. Medieval times, as seen in Shadows of the Past, are my favorites. I like to imagine what it would have been like if I had lived in those times and places.

What, in your opinion, are the most important elements of good writing?
As my writing isn't etched in stone and can always be improved, I consider it is better to accept the editing suggestions of professional editors. Here, I must thank my editor Shawn Howen for her coaching me and guiding me patiently along the slippery road of publication.  In my humble opinion, if we approach writing with a learner's attitude, as if being an apprentice, we can gain much from many sources. 

We would like to hear about your process of writing, ideation, and average time to actually write.  Also your typical day hours devoted to writing vs everything else.
During summer holidays, usually in the morning, I retreat to my “writing room” and loose myself in the imaginary realm of my characters and plots. I have to have complete silence and plenty of light. No multitasking. My creative side needs complete concentration. I only write when I am truly inspired. I write everything from start to finish. When ready, I put the draft away for a day or two.  Then, I come back to it and while reading again, I add or cut parts/dialogue/characters and I edit. I must tell you that what I like best about writing is making up characters, watching them develop and turn into people.

Can you share a little of your current work with us? 
Shadows of the Past is the story of two young women, Genevieve and Anne. Jumping from past to present and back, the story focuses on the lows and highs of the two, alternatively revealing the hardships, passion, truth or betrayal they meet. Their destinies seem to weave together, although they live in different epochs.

What is one statement that has been used about your writing that makes you cringe when you read it?
"The writing was, for lack of a better phrase, awkward. It read like a translation and, occasionally, like a poor one". It really made me cry. It was so unfair, undeserved! It hurt badly.

What three descriptive statements have been used about your writing that made you giddy with happiness?
Well, it's difficult to select from the many comments that gave me a warm, cuddly feeling. I will quote a few:

"A classy romance, “Shadows of the Past” is a real page-turner and a dark spooky romantic story that is crafted masterfully. Despite all the evil, love wins by the end. I really liked that." ~ Ankita Singhal booklokcoffee.blogspot.in/

"Carmen Stefanescu’s novel is a riveting story that will make the reader fall in love with its enticing mystery, skillfully blending elements of love and hatred, magic and superstitions, murder and repentance." ~ Liliana Soare lilianasoare.blogspot.com.au/

"I would recommend this book to everyone YA audience and over. One of the best romances ever." ~ Ionia Martin readfulthingsblog.com

"I also loved the fact that I could relate to the characters and Genevieve’s tragic destiny really made me sad, which is a great thing! It’s always a plus when the author manages to make the reader cry and laugh at the same time with the characters." ~ Oana Matei www.allfantasyworlds.com

And I apologize to the many reviewers who spoke so nicely about my book and aren't mentioned now.

How did you come up with the characters Genevieve/Andrew? 
I read a small article in a Romanian newspaper about a haunted mountain in England. The souls of two sinners, a nun and a priest who break their vows and elope, can’t find their rest. The tourists visiting that mountainous area hear agonizing moans during the night. The moment I put down the newspaper I knew that I had to write the story of the two unfortunate lovers. I wrote a poem first, a ballad. Later, I thought that just a poem was not enough. I felt Genevieve’s story must be told in detail. This is how Shadows of the Past came to life.

What were your feelings when you first saw the cover of your finished book? 
I was thrilled.  It was the first physical proof that my dream of becoming a published author had finally come true. The best part, for me anyway, is when I get a review from someone that enjoyed what I wrote. I love when readers can relate to my characters. Nothing makes me happier than someone saying my characters felt like friends – or that they laughed, cried with my characters along the way.

If you could pick one actress/actor to portray Genevieve and Andrew on the big screen who would she/he be and why? 
Jordana Spiro, playing the leading part in The Mob’s Doctor, is the best actress to impersonate Genevieve. Jordana is fragile in appearance, looks like a kindhearted person ready to help those next to her, yet she’s determined and brave.  Dan Stevens from the series Downton Abbey is the perfect Andrew. A quiet man, gentle and kind. Sensitive to the problems of the women in his life.

Will we be seeing a following book to this story? 
It depends. If most readers will express their interest in finding what happens further to the characters, it might be a sequel. I'm not sure, for the moment.

Thank you for hosting me today! It was a real pleasure.

Buy Links:

Publisher: Wild Child Publishing
Genre: paranormal/light romance/light horror.

Anne's relationship with her boyfriend Neil has disintegrated. After a two-year separation, they pack for a week vacation in hopes of reconciling. But fate has other plans for them. 

The discovery of a bejeweled cross and ancient human bones opens a door to a new and frightening world--one where the ghost of a medieval nun named Genevieve will not let Anne rest. This new world threatens not only to ruin Anne and Neil's vacation but to end all hopes of reconciliation as Anne feels compelled to help free Genevieve's soul from its torment. 

Can Anne save her relationship and help Genevieve find her eternal rest? 

The twists and turns in this paranormal tale keep the reader guessing up to the end and weave themselves together into a quest to rekindle love. 

Read an Excerpt

Carmen Stefanescu was born in Romania, the native country of the infamous vampire Count Dracula, but where, for about 50 years of communist dictatorship, just speaking about God, faith, reincarnation or paranormal phenomena could have led someone to great trouble - the psychiatric hospital if not to prison.

Teacher of English and German in her native country and mother of two daughters, Carmen Stefanescu survived the grim years of oppression, by escaping in a parallel world, that of the books.

She has dreamed all her life to become a writer, but many of the things she wrote during those years remained just drawer projects. The fall of the Ceausescu’s regime in 1989 and the opening of the country to the world meant a new beginning for her. She started publishing. Poems first, and then prose. Both in English.

Find Carmen at the following locations:


Carmen's publisher, Wild Child Publishing, is away two PDF versions of her book! 

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Toni's Review of Unveil My Heart by Nya Rayne ***5 Stars***

Death is a glorious thing when one can find a reason to live in spite of it.

I have roamed the earth for over three millennia alone, secretly hoping to one day find the other half of my soul. The one woman who would make my deadened heart beat once more. I never imagined I’d find her in a bloodied heap beneath the claws of a despicable Yazaron, the bane of my existence. I saved her and as a reward was given three days to make her love me or I would cease to be. 

She spent those three days in ICU fighting for her life.

Fate, what a cruel bitch.


I think Nya has forged new ground for me.  What are the Anubi?  Got it! – Check.  And who or what are Yazaron?  Now I have an idea – Check.   Ms. Rayne actually made Wiccan Haus seem even more refreshing and new.  Now that is an amazing feat, because it is already pretty darn great.

Blaine could likely be the most unlucky person.  She is so unlucky that she believes that if anything ever good happens, something even worse is coming and sadly; she would be right.  She has lost everything, not once but twice.  Now she is trying to heal and she unexpectedly has “won” a trip to Wiccan Haus.  Even though she knows nothing good will come from accepting the trip; what does she have to lose?  Everything is already gone.

On the night Blaine lost everything, Hayze found something he thought he would never find; his mate.  Now with only three days to claim her, she is in no condition to accept him.  His fate has been sealed.  Months later he is taking one last chance to be with her on the island.  Even though she wants nothing to do with him, he just wants to be near her before all is lost forever.  He doesn’t want her to hurt anymore, so he is giving everything up for her.

Reading how these two found each other was wonderful.  At times I wanted to just smack Blaine for being such a cruel wench, but if you looked past her pain you could almost understand it.  At times I also was inclined to smack Hayze around a bit too.  With his warrior heart, he should have fought harder, but he likely didn’t expect much after so much time had passed.  After the fog lifted and all was said and done, their mating was intense and very unique.  Great job Ms. Rayne!

Unveil My Heart is an exceptional addition to the series and Ms. Rayne did a fabulous job.  This is yet another treasure to be included in the Wiccan Haus world.

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Toni's Review of Shifter's Dance by Vanessa North ***5 Stars***

Romy Lewis, a ballet dancer at the peak of her career, loses everything when she is blinded by a mean prank. Her agent suggests a visit to the Wiccan Haus resort to sort out what she wants to do with her life now that both her career and her eyesight have been taken from her.

Stephen Bonsaint, bear shifter, computer programmer, and sometime spy, always figured he’d meet a sturdy mama bear someday and have a couple of cubs with her. A tiny human ballet dancer who can’t even see is not at all who he imagined as a mate.

Together they dance around their feelings for each other as Romy learns how to navigate her new life, and Stephen learns that sometimes, strength isn’t something you can see from the outside.


Truthfully after several hundred books, I still have not wrapped my head around what makes a short story a short story or a short novel a novella.  All I do know is that it is really darn hard to tell a complete story with character development, intriguing plot and a believable romance in a few chapters, but Vanessa North and the other authors of Wiccan Haus do time it and again with flying colors.

This is my sixth Wiccan Haus installment.  I also believe this is my sixth 5 stars review.  The people of Musa have really done exceptional job with picking quality authors with the ability to weave great tales in a confined amount of time.  They have kept the story line consistent, fun and exciting love stories and even throw in some new twists along the way.

Ms. North is a new author for me and she did a fantastic job.  I loved the angle she went with; a blind struggling heroine and a big burly bear shifter.  I sit here and envision a tiny ballerina and a huge bear of a man and chuckle.  Talk about opposites attracting.  They had some issues to overcome and this couple could have held up to a longer book, but Ms. North did a great job capturing Romy’s frustration and Stephen’s patience in her allotted time.  They were really made for each other.

One of the best treats about this series is that you consistently get to revisit the original members of the staff.  They bring such color to the stories and I’m glad that the authors incorporate them seamlessly.  They really help weave the stories together and make them even better.

Shifter’s Dance was a wonderful treat.  I could even see myself enjoy a couple of stories about two brothers (hint hint).  You never know.  If what Ms. North says is true, Stephen’s brothers will be booking a trip to Wiccan Haus.  If that is the case sign me up too.  I’m always game for some bear shifters.  Bring the boys on!

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Toni's Review of Psychic Lies by Sara Daniel ***5 Stars***

Fiona must keep her ability to read minds during sex a secret from those determined to exploit her, especially a sexy truth-finding investigator who needs her psychic power to save his job.

Fiona has spent her life hiding her sexual mind-reading power at the risk of being exploited by the government. Instead, she pretends to have lifebond vetting powers like the rest of her family. When her fake power results in the death of an innocent woman, her life of lies unravels and she retreats to the Wiccan Haus.

Armando is the head of the Department of Truth-Finding for the Syndicate. To prove his unit’s worth to the government, he follows Fiona to the Wiccan Haus to expose her as an infiltrator of an enemy faction. The truth about Fiona is even more valuable to his people and his career.

Fiona uses her power to seduce Armando and stop his plans to betray her. But nothing is strong enough to keep her from falling in love with this man whose power threatens to destroy her. Now she must trust him, not only with her life and her psychic lies, but also her heart.


If you like shorter stories, written by a variety of authors and enjoy reading about paranormal beings set in a fantastic location, then Wiccan Haus is for you and now is the time to jump on board.  This shared-world series is still in its infancy, but there are enough volumes to keep you busy and interested.

In this installment we have two people coming to Wiccan Haus to find closure, but for way different reasons.  Both are there because of their perceived mistakes and failures.  Fiona is running from herself and Armando is trying to find the truth and save his career.

I really enjoyed this story.  WOW!  I went in without reading the blurb, so I had no idea what Fiona’s secret ability was.  When it started to show itself, just the implications of two people coming together who could read the truth from others, is mind boggling.  Could you imagine having your lover know all your secrets/thoughts and you knowing all his, ALL THE TIME!  Nope, no thank you.

The romance progression was nice, but since their relationship started with so many complications at times it was hard to believe, but Ms. Daniel resolved all my questions and made it work.  She also did a fabulous job with tying up the loose ends.  It just amazes me how authors can package so much story into such small packages.  I am completely satisfied and have no questions that these two found their happily ever after.  I will say though, even though I’m satisfied with the outcome, I’m excited that there are three more stories for me to read in the Wiccan Haus series.  Bring them on!!

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Toni's Review of Dark Wolf by Kate Douglas ***4 Stars***

Sebastian Xenakis is still coming into his power as a wizard. He can shapeshift by magical means and runs as a wolf using the power he draws from the elements. But young women are dying—raped by a human and then slaughtered by a wolf. Suspicion falls on the shapeshifting Chanku, but Sebastian wonders if he might somehow be guilty of the crimes.

Then he meets Lily Cheval, the uncrowned princess of the powerful Chanku, and realizes he will do whatever it takes to clear his name and win her love. But evil walks where Sebastian goes, and there are mysteries neither Lily nor her father, the powerful wizard, Anton Cheval, cannot unravel. Is Sebastian the perfect mate for Lily, or is he instead, one she should fear?


I’m sitting here reading some reviews for Dark Wolf.  Normally I don’t do that, but I was wondering what other people thought.  I’m actually glad I did.

First off, I think many reviewers read the beginning of the memo that stated that this is a new series, but they didn’t read the whole thing.  Dark Wolf is actually a continuation of the first generation of Chanku.  It’s now the babies of the packs turn for happiness.  The first series, Wolf Tales, really set the stage and there seemed to be some confusion when they were reading Dark Wolf.  Yes, Ms. Douglas fills you in on why things are happening, but I think all the varieties of sex turned many people off.  They didn’t have a complete history.

Chanku are a race of shapeshifters that have extremely high libidos.  It is in their DNA; they love everyone in the pack because that is how they were created.  They are not human, so they do not act as humans.  Period.  It is practically a requirement of their being.  They need sex like they need air.  It is their power and way of life.  To say they have too much sex is boggling to a longtime fan of this series.  Yes, I say longtime fan of THIS series, even though this is the first in the new Spirit Wild.  I think to truly appreciate Dark Wolf you need to know Lily as a child and also learn what really happened in the beginning.  Wolf Tales takes you all the way to the beginning to when they didn’t even really know who or what they were.  You grow with the pack.  You love, live, and cry right along with them on their journey of discovery.  You miss that when you read Dark Wolf and can’t understand the whole significance of their existence.

When I heard that Ms. Kate was doing a series about the next generation I was scared and excited.  These adults were babies when I last read about them.  Now in their thirties, I had to wrap my head around it.  Babies don’t have sex!  I bet Ms. Douglas had an even harder time.  These were her actual babies and she had to put them into sexual situations that would make any mother cringe.  She did a fabulous job and she should be proud of herself.

In Dark Wolf, we get to revisit the pack and actually get to see more than one romance blossom.  While at first I was disappointed because I loved the other character and I wanted them to have their own story, but I’m happy with the direction she took.  It almost mimics their parents love affairs, but it was still their own. 

Now I will admit that I’m extremely thrilled about the next story, Dark Moon.  I’ve wanted to know more about Igmutaka from when he first came onto the scene.  I think I just got chills.  There is just something about that hunk of man.  That cougar makes me purrrrrrr. 

I would recommend Dark Wolf to any lover of Wolf Tales in an instant.  I would also recommend it to new readers, but go in with an open mind.  If you read Dark Wolf and think, “Hmmm, I kinda like this”. Then start from the beginning.  Trust me it’s worth it.  The Chanku are a fascinating species with hearts full of love and understanding.  We could all use more Chanku in the world.

Wanna know how the series Wolf Tales ends?  Read my review:

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Let's give Angela Ashcroft a warm Paranormal Addicts Welcome!!

Welcome Angela, can you tell us a little about yourself how long you've been writing?

Well, I’m in my early thirties and married for three years. We don’t have children but have two house rabbits (Zeus and Daisy) and a stroppy chinchilla (Dougal). They are pretty much our kids! I actually work full time for the NHS so writing is very much my hobby which is slowly taking over my life!

I always loved reading as a kid but I’d always think of how I would want the book to end. I decided to take the plunge and start writing in my early teens but Full Circle was my first book that I finished. I originally was going to keep it a secret and maybe lend it out to a few close friends but my husband basically “outed” me and published the book on Kindle while I was out! He nearly ended up sleeping on the sofa but then I started selling and having some great reviews so all’s forgiven J

If you didn't write, what other profession would you have selected?

I was actually going to be a sports journalist and completed a degree in Journalism. I think I was destined to fail at it though as I’m too creative and really wanted to stretch the stories – probably not the greatest trait for a reporter!

What profession do you think you would hate?

Definitely traffic warden / parking monitor. They keep getting me at work so not my favourite people in the world!

How do you balance between your personal life and your writing?

Not very well! As I work full time, writing is confined to evenings and weekends. I've become slightly obsessed with the series so now I've just published the second in the Full Circle books (Departures), my husband has slapped down a one month writing ban – I lasted four days!

Who is your favorite author?

I’m a massive horror fan. I used to scare the life out of myself as a teen by reading Stephen King. I worship his writing ability and love how he ramps up the psychological impact of his books.

Other than writing, what are some of your passions in life?

Assuming we ever get any decent weather in England (and we’re currently on a never-ending winter!), I really love to get out and walk in the Peak or Lake District areas. I’m also a keen tennis player but pretty useless at it.

What is your favorite genre to read?  

Horror all the way although I've surprised myself recently by adding in a few romance novels.

What books are currently on your nightstand?

Sadly, it’s all writing and work at the moment so not getting as much time to read as I’d like to. I am however eyeing up Salem’s Lot for a second read.

Envision trading places with one of your characters in your books, who would it be and why?

Definitely Freya as she’s the main female character in the books and in the enviable position of having two male vampires vying for her affections. That said, I’m just writing the third book and she’s having a hideous time of it right now!

Can you share anything your readers would be surprised to know about you?

I’m actually quite a boring and straightforward individual. If anything, my friends and family were most surprised when they found out I’d been writing. I work in a job which is fairly constrained so people didn't expect to see a creative side to me!

Okay, you have just finished your book or it has just been released.  Is there something special you do to celebrate?

Always alcohol of some sorts followed by a mammoth sleep session to shake off the dark circles around my eyes!

Follow Angela:
Twitter: @Full_Circle_3

After witnessing Freya’s harrowing birth, Sebastian always knew destiny would bring them back together. In a cruel twist of fate, their reunion is under the dark shadow of his own brother, Lucas, who plucks Freya from her mundane life and marks her. Once marked, Freya’s life hangs in the balance as she edges closer and closer to her death. As she battles through an endless nightmare of “lost time”, Lucas systematically cuts her remaining ties to her mortal existence. Now Sebastian must choose between loyalty to his only family or betraying Lucas in a desperate bid to protect Freya.

Full Circle is the enthralling first installment of the vampire series that throws the lives and fates of three individuals together - with tragic consequences.

Sebastian had been there the night Freya Jones was born over twenty three years ago. He was also there the night she died in the Hampshire Estate. Moments later, he witnessed her reborn as a vampire during the early hours of the morning of 8th January 2011.

While Freya is learning to adjust to her new life as a vampire and cope with living under the same roof with the two immortals that caused her demise, Lucas continues his relentless revenge mission against Sebastian.

Determined to shatter Freya and Sebastian’s emerging relationship, Lucas will stop at nothing to ruin his estranged brother’s happiness. When Sebastian unexpectedly spends more time away from Freya, it appears Lucas has the perfect opportunity to pounce but when an enemy from their past reappears, the brothers must reunite if they are to have any chance of survival.

“Departures” is the explosive and heart-wrenching second book in the Full Circle series.


For a chance to win the Full Circle/Departures Compendium (both books in the series) simply like her Facebook page.  Once it reaches 200 likes they will pick one person at random and they will win a signed copy of the book delivered in PDF format.

Now that is easy!!

Thank you so much Angela for stopping by and sharing your series.  Hope to see you back and don't forget fans, go like her Facebook page!!

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GIVEAWAY & Toni's Review of If He's Tempted by Hannah Howell ***4.5 Stars***

Lady Olympia Wherlocke has the gift of foresight. When Lady Agatha Mallam asks Olympia to locate her brother so he can rescue her from an arranged marriage, she knows exactly where to find Lord Brant Mallam, Earl of Fieldgate. What happens next is something she never envisioned…

Since his betrothed died, Lord Brant Mallam has drowned his sorrow with wine and women. His dissolute ways have only emboldened his calculating mother. But with the help of the enchanting Olympia, he concocts a daring plan to end his mother’s devious designs for his sister. While each step in their bold scheme works to perfection, the sins of the past could unravel a growing desire that neither Olympia or Brant can control…


In my opinion, If He’s Tempted is a nice change from the normal historical.  With a touch of the paranormal, a dastardly evil villain and steamy sexual undercurrents, I enjoyed myself from start to finish.

The Wherlocke / Vaughn family have been outcasts for many generations.  They sit on the edge of society; actively participating, but weary of the ton.  Lady Olympia became a widow at a very young age and doesn't allow the ton dictate her comings and goings and when someone weaker asks for help, she is the first to help.  Though she knew helping the young Lady Agatha could cause her problems, she didn't know the extent of the evil involved.  She also didn't expect to have feelings blossom for Lady Agatha’s brother, Lord Brant Mallam.  She has never felt the urges she experiences when she is around him.  With no experience to fall back on, she is excited and apprehensive to follow through.  But first they need to save his sister.

Lord Brant is a man filled with so much guilt; he is basically drowning in it.  He recently discovered that his betrothed didn't leave him for another man, but was sold to a brothel and killed.  He doesn't know how he can rise above it all.  Now he is slowly discovering that her death is a long string of crimes showering down upon his head.  Nothing is his fault, but his guilt is getting deeper and deeper.  His only light is Lady Olympia.  She is bound and determined to fix all the wrongs and he will be by her side to help her, even if it kills him.  It is the least that he can do since he has allowed these crimes to go on for so long.

The evil deeds keep piling up and time is of the essence.  How to you bring down a prominent person in society, without ruining the innocent members of the family?  With the help of Lady Olympia’s family they are making progress, but in the final fight all might be lost.  We can only hope these two lost souls are strong enough to persevere.

For me, historicals can sometimes be ordinary.  They are still fun to read, but they tend to be the same thing; headstrong heroines and rakish heroes, who find true love while circumventing the brutality of the ton.  If He’s Tempted is all that and much more.  You got a villain that is utterly shocking in their evilness, a ragtag family that is filled with every no-no known to society and two extremely determined people trying to find the truth.

If He’s Tempted is a big improvement from the last installment in the series, If He’s Dangerous.  I expected more from Argus Wherlocke’s book and Ms. Howell didn't deliver for me.  She more than made up for it with Olympia’s story.  I've been enjoying her presence for several books, and it was wonderful that she got a strong plot and a great man too.  It was also nice to get Olympia’s backstory.  Wow, and what a shocker.  I didn't expect it at all.

I am very pleased with If He’s Tempted.  I have renewed faith in the Wherlocke series and will be waiting patiently for the next installment.  This is a very big wonderfully exceptional family with many stories to tell.  They are a breath of fresh air in the stuffy world of the ton.


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