Monday, March 19, 2012

~*5 Stars for Bear Meets Girl by Shelly Laurenston *~

He's big, burly, and way smarter than your average shapeshifting bear. He's also about to get trapped by own his game. . . 

Lou Crushek is a reasonable, mellow, easygoing kind of guy. But once someone starts killing the scumbags he works so hard to bust, that really gets under his fur. Especially when that someone is a curvy she-tiger with a skill set that's turning Crush's lone-bear world upside down--and bringing his passion out of hibernation. . .

As a member of an elite feline protection unit, Marcella Malone has no problem body-dropping anyone who hunts her kind. But Crush is proving one major pain in her gorgeous tail. The only reason she's joined forces with him is to track down the wealthy human who's got her entire species in his ruthless sights. It sure isn't because Crush's stubborn and contrary attitude is rubbing Cella in all the right ways. . .

This is the 2nd book I’ve read by Shelly Laurenston and I really enjoyed this one more than the last one I read by Shelly.

In this book we get to know Marcella Malone better. She goes by Cella to her friends and family. In the other book I read with Cella in it, she seemed to be a pretty mean character who just liked to start trouble. In this book we get to see another side of Cella, where she has an incredible sense of humor, is somewhat softer when not on the ice, and has more friends and family than you would think.

We are introduced to Lou Crushek at the same time. He’s a bear and he’s a pretty easy going guy until he wakes up naked in bed with Cella. He swears off parties and jello-shots since he has no idea how he landed naked in a bed with Cella. Basically Cella was drunk too and there was nowhere to sleep at her friend’s house and she didn’t want to sleep with the yippy coyote shape-shifters so she crawled into bed with Crush.

Cella is one busy girl. She’s a mom, has a job at KZS and is a full time hockey player for the Carnivores. She’s got a beautiful, smart daughter on a good path. She enjoys her job at KZS and she’s scary and vicious as the enforcer for the Carnivores.

Lou aka “Crush” is an easygoing cop. He’s getting moved out of his current job to another one. Even though he’ll make more money and get better benefits, he’s not happy with all the changes. His Polar bear tendencies make any change a really big deal to him. Between KZS and the crazy Cella, his world is being rocked and he doesn’t know top from bottom.

Cella aks Crush to play her pretend boyfriend because her crazy aunts are trying to hook her up with one of her cousins. Crush gets talked into it, even though he doesn’t really want to pretend to be her boyfriend, since he thinks she’s a bit insane. But, by the time he thinks of backing out of it, its too late and her entire family thinks he’s her boyfriend. After sitting in the box seat during one of Cella’s games with her dad, and hearing about how he basically used to bust people’s kneecaps and hurting them majorly because he was good at, Crush decides he’ll stick with the story, since he obviously doesn’t want to be one of those with the broken kneecaps.

I’ve really enjoyed the two books I’ve read by Shelly and I’m going to go find the other books in the series and start over from the beginning. If you like Paranormal Shifter Romance books with some unexpected humor you’ll really love Bear Meets Girl.

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Rated 5 Stars by Paranormal Addicts 

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