Monday, March 19, 2012

~* 5 Stars for King of the Isles by Debbie Mazzuca *~

She'll find him a bride if it's the last thing she does. And it very well might be. Evangeline may be powerfully persuasive in her way, but convincing the notoriously wild Highland king Lachlan MacLeod to strengthen his alliances with a strategic marriage seems to be asking the impossible.

Stubborn and proud, Lachlan seems determined to go against her will, even if it means endangering the people he's sworn to protect and the enchanted isle that has already seen so much discord. Yet the battle-scarred Highlander cannot ignore his sultry advisor for long. When his mentor is kidnapped, forcing him to ride into combat alongside the beautiful Evangeline, he must choose between her safety and his own independence. It's a choice he makes in an instant. . .but once wed to the woman he could not resist, he'll soon find that his heart is in even greater danger than his kingdom. . .

This is the 2nd book I’ve picked up by Debbie, though it’s the third book in the series. I started with book 2, and then read this one and even though I haven’t read the first book, I didn’t get lost in the story at all, so they can be read as stand-alone books as well.

In this book we learn more about Evangeline and the new Highland King Lachlan MacLeod. Evangeline is the advisor to the new King, but trying to get him to stop his drinking and womanizing ways is almost impossible. Evageline is pretty pissed because she’s trying to keep her people safe and he’s off doing whatever he wants, when he should be focused on the protection of his people. She feels he doesn’t care about his people at all, and he thinks she nags and worries too much.

Lachlan’s mentor gets kidnapped and Evageline and Lachlan, with a few trusted others, go to save him. Lachlan and Evagline butt heads the entire way, but neither can ignore the passion that ignites in them, when they are together.

I really enjoy this series because its historical, have Fae in it, magic of all kinds and Debbie gives excellent descriptions where you feel like you’re part of the story. Another favorite of mine is the details she gives some of the side characters, I’m hoping she’ll either include some of them in this series, or do a spin-off of this series at some point.

If you love Highlanders, Fae, Magic, and dynamic explosions between the main characters, then you’ll love this entire series. I’m a huge fan of Paranormal books, but sometimes I need a break from the typical vampire/werewolf book and this series definitely does that for me.

Book 1: Lord of the Isles
Book 2: Warrior of the Isles
Book 3: King of the Isles

My review for Warrior of the Isles:

 Rated 5 Stars by Paranormal Addicts

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