Monday, March 19, 2012

~* 3.5 Stars for To Walk the Night by E.S. Moore *~

Kat Redding is the very thing she hunts: a vampire, thirsting for blood, capable of killing any creature unlucky enough to get in her path. The difference is, Kat kills her own kind in order to protect human Purebloods. She's good at what she does. Good enough to earn the nickname Lady Death--and the enmity of every bloodthirsty being around. But now a vampire Count is intent on merging his House with a werewolf cult to create a force of terrifying power. Kat can't allow that to happen. Even if it means taking on a den of weres and a vampire more ruthless than any she's encountered before. She has the weapons, the skill, and a few allies. But that may not be enough to eliminate the Count before her own dark nature rises to the surface--and costs her whatever is left of her humanity. . .

This is not my typical read as its Urban Fantasy, but it looked Paranormal as well, which is my normal flavor, so I decided to give it a try.

Kat Redding is a vampire, who kills her own kind to keep Pureblood humans safe. She’s so good at killing them that she’s earned the nickname Lady Death. Of course the other vampires aren't too fond of her, but she doesn’t really care what they think and she tries to hold onto her humanity as best as any vampire can.
Along the journey she gets forced into a meeting with the Luna Cult. The Luna Cult is a group that collects rogue werewolves and they want her to help them on a case, even though Kat’s been known to kill werewolves too. They have word of a Vampire Count who’s trying to merge his House with a werewolf cult to become more powerful than they have the right to be.

There are vampire houses that keep Pureblood humans basically as a food source and Kat relishes destroying those houses and the Count of the house in order to save them. For a vampire Kat has a lot of compassion and love for the Purebloods. Even though she has the nickname Lady Death, she still risks death every time she fights the vampires.

Kat of course is against the Vampire Count who wants to merge his house to become more powerful and agrees to help the Luna Cult, even though this Vampire Count is pretty powerful and might actually kill her for real this time.

If you like take-no prisoners’ ballsy women, you’ll love Kat. She reminds me of the ruthlessness of Anita Blake in the earlier Anita Blake novels by Laurell K. Hamilton. There was no real romance or sexual tension, which I normally like in my books. Even if it takes my characters 5 books to actually get together, in any shape or form, so I was a bit disappointed in the lack of that in this book. But, if you like strictly action packed ladies, I suggest you give Kat a call. 

Rated 3.5 Stars by Paranormal Addicts

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