Monday, March 19, 2012

~*4 Stars for Nightshift by Kate Douglas, Crystal Jordan, and Lynn LaFleur *~

 “Dream Catcher" by Kate Douglas
She comes to him at night in dreams of carnal pleasure. Real or imagined, Mac doesn't know and doesn't care. For his body throbs with a need that only his mystery lover can satisfy. . .

“Taken Between" by Crystal Jordan
Kira lives to protect her queen, but the king's brother is the one who commands her desire. She longs for him with a feral sexuality and ferocious passion she can barely control. . .

“The Right Number" by Lynn LaFleur
Jay may have dialed the wrong number but the right woman answers. She is the mate he's been looking for all his life. And when he hears the sexy purr of her voice, it arouses the hungry wolf inside. .

I haven’t read an anthology in a while because most of the time the short stories feel rushed and the characters are thrown together without any story. I’m happy to say that was not the case with any of the 3 stories included in this book.

Dream Catcher by Kate Douglas

The first story is Dream Catcher by Kate Douglas. In this story we meet Mac Dugan and Zianne. Mac is a gorgeous guy who’s also a bit nerdy and writes software. He was a grad student, writing software, going for a grant when all his research goes missing and his nemesis Phil Bennett turned in Mac’s work, but with his own handwriting. Bennette lies and says the work is his and basically gets Mac kicked out of the program, grant, and scholarship. Mac wants to fight it since there are some suspicious circumstances, like the girl he slept with a few nights ago, now hanging out with Phil. Then there’s Phil’s uncle being the Dean of the department. Along for the ride in this story, is Mac’s best gay guy friend Dink, who’s quite the character himself.

Zianne basically appears out of Mac’s fantasy/dream and gives him a hand in the shower but Mac is drunk during that shower and thinks he imagined her. So, what happens in this tale of a nerdy gorgeous dude, his gay friend, and a gorgeous fantasy woman?

Taken Between by Crystal Jordan

In this story we are introduced to Kira and Max Delacourt.

Kirea is a fox-shifter, a Between (shape-shifter). Kira is the daughter of a Butler and works for the Between King and his fiancée. Kira is the second in command for the King’s guards and soon to be head of the future Queen’s Guard. Kira protects the King and Queen from death threats, because before the former King died, he told the humans in the world about the Betweens. That left his son King Elan to try and protect the rights of Between all around the world.

Max is the King’s brother and also the head of the King’s Guard. Max is under the impression that Kira is in love with his King (brother), something Kira hasn’t bothered to correct in years.

Kira has never bothered going for Max because he outranks her, not only in the Guard, but also as her Prince. Max has never gone for Kira because he’s always believed Kira wanted his brother. Kira decides to seduce him and inform him, it’s never been about his brother. They have a steamy one night stand, which makes things a bit awkward for them later on.

I wonder, what will happen with this forbidden fruit story? Will Kira and Max find happiness or will their romance come crashing apart?

The Right Number by Lynn LaFleur

Jamieson aka Jay owns a company JEMATAR with his cousin Troy. Troy has left out of town on a planned vacation and Jay is left trying to figure things out, since this is normally Troy’s job.

Part of Jay and Troy’s business is buying investment properties. Jay starts calling around Dallas instead of San Francisco and he ends up coming across a wrong number. When he talks to this woman, his wolf sits up and pays attention and even though its over the phone, he’s convinced she’s his mate. Problem is even though she flirts with him a little, she refuses to give him her name or “correct” number and hangs up on him.

The woman, whose name is Veronica St. James has the same reaction as Jay, because she’s a wolf too. She works with her brothers in their own family business St. James Security.

They both start looking for the other one and Jay manages to find her number. The two start talking on the phone and then decide to meet later on. When they meet, its explosive, and their wolves really like each other.

There are some questionable circumstances later on, where someone is trying to kill Jay and Troy suspects the St. James Security and thinks Roni is a spy. The question is, is she really a spy from her company trying to hack Jay’s company? Or is something more sinister going on?

Rated 4 Stars by Paranormal Addicts


  1. Thanks for the review. With your permission, I'd like to link it to my website.

  2. Kate, of course hon! Feel free to share it :) Loved your story too hehe! I tried to make sure I included a little bit of info from each story instead of a generic one for the whole thing :D