Sunday, July 1, 2012

Chosen By Amelia Elias

Alexa is a nurse with extraordinary abilities. She can heal with a thought, detect lies and has flashes of clairvoyance. However, she is also plagued by debilitating migraines that have no physical basis. When Alexa meets Gareth at a bachelorette party, she finds that he holds the key to her healing and the key to her heart. Gareth is the Patriarch of the Arachnid Vampire House. He is a former Dhamphir that chose the life of a vampire and recognizes that Alexa is at the time of Divergence. She must choose to be human, vampire or dead. Her two halves are at war. He must convince her to choose and hope that she chooses him in the process. In the midst of their love affair, a dark force looms. Alexa’s uncle is an Outcast, a vampire that drains his victims without mercy so that he can walk in daylight. The Outcast will stop at nothing to possess Alexa and her gifts. The story is highly unpredictable, about the only thing that I could tell was that Alex and Gareth were meant to be. In true Amelia Elias fashion, she created a new world of twists, turns and absolute plausibility. I loved how Alexa really loves Gareth but truly weighs her options and doesn’t immediately jump into his arms. This story is a great closing to the Guardians League, but I really wish I could find more books by Amelia Elias. I give this book 4 out of 5 Nerds.

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