Sunday, July 1, 2012

Noble Dead Book 1 Dhamphir By Barb Hendee

Magiere, her partner, Leesil, the half elf, and Chap, their faithful dog, spend their days fleecing villagers and telling them they are fierce Vampire hunters. After their last "Vampire kill," Magiere decides that it's time to leave the charlatan life behind. She purchases a deed to the tavern in a sea-side town. As they settle in a mysterious stranger tells Magiere that she is a real Vampire hunter, the rare Dhampir and there are Vampires in town. When Magiere comes to grips with with her birthright, her first real fight with real Vampires comes to fruition. Will Magiere succeed and become what she claims herself to be or will she simply be another victim of the Vampires? I give this book 5 Nerds for the adventure and action. There is a bit of romance hinted at but there is not outright stuff. I can't wait to read through the entire series to see if the hinted at romance comes into full bloom.

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