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GIVEAWAY - a witches tale by Rue Volley

Thank you for stopping by Rue and sharing one of your great novels.
Rue is giving away TEN ebooks of a witches tale to our followers!!


"For a hundred years no one talked about it…all the people, mainly women, who had mysteriously disappeared in this picture perfect town nestled in between lush rolling hills and a lake that stretched out like the sea itself. No one wanted to remember that at one time the ignorance of not knowing was what fueled the mob, and a mob it was, when provoked by bible thumpers and boredom."

Meet "Alexi", not your typical teenage girl, as she invites you into her world in the small town of "Ravenswood". Alexi has suffered a loss, but despite her hidden sadness, she manages to find a shining light in the darkness as she goes on an adventure of a lifetime. Alexi is soon to discover her witchy past and along with her best friend "Logan" and the mysterious new boy who moves to town, that of "Kyle Huntington" , things are set into motion and all of Ravenswood secrets are soon to be uncovered. "Stuff & Things and what boredom brings" is book one in "a witches tale" series by paranormal author Rue Volley (Blood & Light Vampire Series/ Razor Saga/Vampire Fetish series). It is sure to delight with its humor and unexpected twists and turns. This story embraces witchcraft and other paranormal what nots.

Rue is known for her striking cover art as you can see from this great collage!

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This series is near and dear to my heart as it is dedicated to my Mom who passed away in March of this year from breast cancer. $1 of each sale will always go to a fund called "Melanie's Memory" to help cancer patients with transport to their treatments. Money is given to St. Elizabeth cancer center in Ohio. This series is packed with humor, is YA and very adventurous. It is book one in the series and I am currently writing book two. I have planned out four books in the series and I am certain by next year all four books will be out. Here is a blurb from book one...

I walked down the sidewalk and glanced up at a sign that read “Future site of the Ravenswood Community Fountain” and I shook my head and kept going. This town loves to announce things that will probably never happen, but it makes them feel like they are being productive. Guess they can have their fun. I kept walking and then he came out of nowhere…my best friend of sorts, or no…Logan Stewart is my best friend. He has been forever. I guess you could call him a girls best friend. Logan likes to shop, or so he says. He likes movies and books and he likes me. Why, I have no idea. I slapped him so hard when we were three, in the sandbox… I knocked his loose tooth out and then he just wouldn’t go away. I don’t even remember why I hit him…oh wait! It was because he tried to hug me. I still feel kind of bad about that one, so I guess that left over “I’m an asshole” feeling just kept me talking to him, well…that and the fact that he is awesome. He is smart, cute as cute gets and he is as sarcastic as me, which makes me laugh and like him more. I know some people in town think that we have a “thing”, but we don’t. I never got that from him and he never gets it from me.

“Alexi…you have to see this.” Logan said as he pulled the paper out and flipped it open, walking backwards in front of me and making me focus in on an article that my Dad didn’t even mention.

“And what do we have here?” I said as I snatched it from his hands and looked at it.

“New people.” Logan said as he glanced around and I laughed, lowering the paper and tilting my head.

“Oh My GOD.” I said, in a half whisper to add to the ridiculous nature of his excitement.

“I know…right?” he said all stealthy, looking around like a kitty with a bird in his mouth.

“Well…look here.” He said as he grabbed the paper from me and I smiled at him. I really do not remember the last time he looked this excited about something…except maybe when we finally got an actual Theater here and got to “go” to the movies.

“The Huntington Family decided to move to a slower pace town, partly due to the fact that they had lived in the large city of New York for most of the family’s history.” Logan looked up at me, like that was something.

“Oh boy.” I said, not knowing what else to say.

He looked back at the paper and kept going, I must have sounded convincing in my interest.

“Mr. Huntington owns many saw mills, in fact the family holds the largest amount of sawing companies across the United States.”

I nodded and he bumped my shoulder.

“Yes…wood…fascinating.” I said.

“Oh please.” Logan said as he laughed and continued to read.

“The Huntington’s have purchased The Grubers old property, all 150 acres of it as well as the house and plan on renovating it, adding a garden and other things that will surely beautify our already visually appealing surroundings.”

“The Gruber house huh? That is a test of will.”

“No doubt! That place needs like major help in the pretty department.” Logan said as he looked back at the paper.

“It’s also haunted.” I said as I pulled out more licorice and handed him one. Logan placed it in his mouth and let it hang out as he looked at me.

“True…very spooky.” He said.

I laughed, had too. He was so into this and the look on his face made me.

“Mr. Charles Huntington has brought along his family…that of his wife Camille and their only son….Kyle.”

“Oh…new boy, huh?” I asked him.

Logan looked at me and smiled.

“Look.” he said as he placed the paper to close to my face and I pushed it back as I laughed and looked at the grainy black and white photo. I focused in on the boy and then looked at Logan.

“He looks human.” I said as I smiled.

Logan laughed.

“He is 16…that means we will be in class together.” Logan said.

“Fantastic…a rich 16 year old boy who…” I looked back at the picture. “Cannot smile, he looks like he is sad.”

“You think so?” Logan asked as he looked at the picture too.

“I don’t know, and I don’t plan on knowing.” I said.

“Oh! Come on!...this is an opportunity, a new kid…we could snatch him up and make him part of our pack.”

I laughed and looked at Logan as I shook my head.

“Pack? You make us sound like animals.”

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  1. Stuff & Things & What Boredom brings...

  2. Stuff and Things and what boredom bring

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  4. Stuff and things and what boredom brings.

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  5. Stuff & Things and what boredom brings

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  7. Stuff and Things and what boredom brings..

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  8. Stuff and Things and what boredom bring

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    Stuff & things and what boredom brings.