Sunday, July 1, 2012

White Wolf Of Avalon-Wolf Maiden Book 3 By Eva Gordon

White Wolf of Avalon by Eva Gordon is the story of the Alpha Bledig and his Wolf-Maiden, Annora.

Bledig is an orphan raised by a childless couple and unaware of his Lycan history. On his 13th birthday, he makes the change from boy to wolf and decides he is a monster.  Bledig wants nothing to do with his wolfen heritage, even if he is an Alpha of prophecy. 

Annora is the pampered Wolf-Maiden daughter of an Alpha Duke. She wants to be free to pursue academics and take her place among the great women scholars. Feeling smothered by her father’s pack she longs to leave all Lycans behind. When she is kidnapped, to be a breeder for the evil Alpha brothers, Gorlagon and Gargol, she is rescued by Bledig, who claims her as his own and hates the brothers for his own reasons. 

As the fight progresses and becomes bloodier, Merlin, Morguese and Morgana all enter the fray adding fae magic and sorcery to the story.  With the side stories of Arthur’s beloved daughter, a bear man and Pict Alpha Queen, this story is full of action and surprises.

I have now read the complete series of Eva Gordon’s Wolf Maiden Trilogy. There are some striking similarities between the novels and the main characters but I still recommend this series. It is chalked full of surprises and action. I could do without the monotonous sex. It’s always the same and is more an act of claiming than love or passion.  Otherwise, this book deserves the 4  out of 5 Nerds.

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