Thursday, July 5, 2012

Review of Wicked Nights and Signed book giveaway with Gena Showalter

Let me start off with the fact that I'm a huge Gena Showalter fan and I've read her Alien Huntress, Lords of the Underworld (aka LOTU) and Atlantis series. There hasn't been a book by her that I haven't loved and Wicked Nights was no exception.

Wicked Nights is the first book in this LOTU spin off series and this series is called Angels of the Dark.

The prologue starts out pretty intense and a bit sad. On the morning of Annabelle's 18th birthday she wakes up from an amazing dream, unable to see and in agonizing pain from her eyes, which spreads to her body. She of course freaks out when she feels blood on her hands and starts screaming her head off.

Her mom rushes in to find her and freaks out while calling for her father. They are both in the room with her panicking about her eyes and what's wrong with her face? Her dad tries to speak with her but she can't talk. Her dad reassures her that everything will be okay and they'll take her to the hospital. He gently picks her up and with her mom following, takes her out to the SUV in the garage, puts her in and closes the door. A few minutes tick by and nothing happens.... Anna doesn't hear her mom or dad getting into the car and she starts to smell something nasty in the car, that smells like rotting eggs. She finally manages to call out and hears muffled voices, some freaky laughter, and her dad sounding terrified yelling at her Mom to get in the house.

At this point Anna struggles and manages to pry her eyes open. Her dad has injuries all over his face and he's standing protectively in front of her mom. Anna realizes there's no one there and doesn't get what is happening or how her father is being injured. Finally, Anna sees a creature, from her worst imaginings appear in front of her dad. This creature is hideous. He's freakishly big with fangs, has crimson skin, and clawed fingers. The creatures has bony wings, complete with a horn and tail.

She starts yelling at the creature and the creature after her telling it to stop, literally swipes his claws and annihilates her parents. This disgusting creature then forces a gruesome kiss on her which is completely repulsive and disgusting, before he finally disappears. She rushes inside and calls 911 before checking on her brother Brax, whom she can't wake. The cops show up and surprise, surprise... Anna gets blamed for her parents murder.

Fast forward to Chapter One. Its four years later and Anna is now 22 years old and has been stuck in an institution for the last 4 years. While she's been there, she has been attacked by several demons who seem to be drawn to her and suffered abuse at the hands of orderlies, doctors, etc. It has not been an easy time for her but Anna is so amazingly brave and she doesn't get up, which is totally amazing considering her circumstances. Her rescue comes from an unlikely source. A cold, fallen angel by the name of Zacharel. He doesn't care for humans at all and has been chastised by his Deity for him killing demons with no regards to human lives lost by doing so. I certainly enjoyed his transformation during this book and if you like delicious yummy angel males, you'll love Zacharel.

This is an excellent new series and I'm looking forward to reading about the other Angels in this series. You do get to see some of the Lords in this book and its good to see them, even if its only briefly. If you've read the LOTU series you'll love this new series as well. However, if you haven't read the LOTU series you still can pick this 1st book up as a stand alone and you won't be lost. Personally, I've always found reading the main series before the spin-off series always make the spin-off series that much better, but again that's just my humble opinion.

Either way, you should grab this book! 

For those wondering about the Lords of the Underworld series,
the reading order is as follows:

1. The Darkest Fire (ebook prequel) 
2. The Darkest Night
3. The Darkest Kiss
4. The Darkest Pleasure
5. The Darkest Prison (ebook short story)
6. The Darkest Whisper
7. The Darkest Passion
8. The Darkest Lie
9. The Darkest Secret
10. The Darkest Surrender
11. The Darkest Seduction

Feel free to click on the pictures below to head on over to Amazon to read the blurb, reviews and to purchase this great series!

Gena graciously donated a signed copy of The Darkest Secret to Paranormal Addicts for her blog tour of Wicked Nights!!! If you haven't be sure to check out the other links for the blog tour going on right now! ;) She's got author interviews, character interviews, giveaways etc with lots of blog stops so be sure to check out:

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  1. I absolutely love Gena's books. Her LOTU is one of my favorite series and Wicked Nights with Zacharel is definitely the start of another amazing series.I love the cover of The Darkest Seduction. It just calls to me. The way she has him in her embrace and the tenderness that just radiates form the cover. But of course we can't deny all her covers are great. :) GFC name is Lucky47.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  2. I have been reading Gena's books for a while now. I am reading her Darkest series now. I really like The Darkest Seduction cover. It is a loving embrace and I agree with Carol about the tenderness. One thing I enjoy about Gena's covers is that she doesn't chop the heads off of her men:)
    GFC- laura thomas

    laura thomas

  3. I have not read any of Gena Showalter's books but I will now! Think I'll start with The lords of the Underwold! My favorite cover is The darkest Seduction, it really sexy!!

    GFC-Marlena Maier

  4. I've read - The Amazon's Curse. I honestly like all the covers. lol


  5. I haven't read any yet, but have wanted to for sometime. They're very difficult to find used and I'm out of work.

    My favorite cover is Wicked Nights. It's the emotion in the characters' faces and the way they seem to be barely holding on. The beginning of this book sounds heartrending and horrific. For Zacharel to evolve and come to Annabelle's aid, and I would imagine rescuing her and hopefully even helping her avenge her family, seems to promise a pretty severe evolution on his part. Annabelle is strong and I imagine the two develop a very intense, complicated relationship - which are my favorite to read about. Hot and passionate also, of course. I see all this reflected in that cover.


  6. Replies
    1. Thanks so much Megan! I was worried.. I didn't want to give TOO much information... just enough to show that its great... but I don't like spoilers lol :) I thought it might be a bit too basic for this awesome book but we'll see :) <3

  7. I have Into the Dark,,,loved it! I follow Blog and Newsletter.

  8. It's been such a long time since I've read Gena's books, but I do own a lot of them. My favorite LOTU is Darkest Night. However, as I'm behind in reading the series, that could quite possibly change. :)

    Isis. M. Nocturne
    moonlightrosegoddess (at) gmail (dot) com

  9. I am a HUGE fan of Gena Showalter and have read every book out there I can get my hands on. I love all the covers but if I had to pick one of the above it would be The Darkest Seduction...the cover its just perfect for the book and they seem so relaxed with each other. I already have the book for the giveaway so don't enter me in the contest...just wanted to show some love for Gena :)

  10. I have read all of the Lords books. I love love love Gena! My favorite covers are Wicked Nights, Darkest Passion and the Darkest Seduction. My GFC is Tanya and my email address is tanyadavis74(at)gmail(dot)com Oh I hope I win!!!

  11. I love the LOTU series! Gena is an amazing writer :) Let's see favorite cover... that would have to be "Darkest Seduction", super hot!

    1. New GFC follower (Underworld Love Addiction)

  12. Lout is so imaginative. I love the darkest passions cover and story.
    GFC holly wright

  13. I've read all of Gena's books and loved them all. Even though Maddox is my guy, I like Strider's cover the most (Darkest Surrender) The chest (yum) and the highlighting colors just make it for me.
    GFC as Victoria Sloboda


  14. I know that I've read something by Gena Showalter but I can't remember the title of it for the life of me. Maybe it was part of an anthology or something? I do remember her name as one of the authors though. Sometimes my memory seriously fails me, like now lol. I love the cover for The Darkest Surrender. Something about those abs and that pose that just make me want to stare at it over and over.

  15. I've read all of Gena's LOTU books. LOVE that series and love those yummy lords.

    My favorite cover, that's a hard one cause there a few I love but If I had to pick I would say Lucien's book, The Darkest Kiss. The blue coloring, the chest, the wide shoulders, and those hypnotic 2 different color eyes. So lovely!

    GFC: Melody

    My email:

  16. Thanks for the fabulous giveway!!!

    I haven't met Gena yet but I'd love to :)

    I haven't read any of Gena's LOTU books... I think I'm the only one... but I'd love a chance!


  17. GFC follower: vadeluna07

    I have actually read almost all of her books. I've read the LOTU series, Alien Huntress series, Altlantis series, Intertwined series, Tales of an Extraordinary Girl series, Young Adult Alien Huntress series, Lord of the Vampires, Mysteria Nights, Mysteria Lane, The Stone Prince, and The Pleasure Slave.

    I have to say that my favorote cover is the one from The Darkest Seduction. I just love the wings in the background and it is the first book to not only include the hero on the cover, but also the heroine. I fell in love with that cover the first time I saw it. :)


  18. I love Gena's LOTU series and have read all the books and shorter stories. I loved Reyes book because he was such a hurting soul, I loved Aaron's book because that one made me cry and most recently I enjoyed Strider's book because that one made me laugh and root hard for the confident demon lord and his harpy. My favorite cover was Gideon's book Darkest Lie. I love how he seems to be pondering something. I'm looking forward to Zacharel's story because he has intrigued me since he arrived in Amun's book.

    Thanks for the fun post with all the books and for the giveaway opportunity.
    GFC: Sophia Rose

  19. I just wanted to say I really enjoyed your review!

  20. I have read To Catch a Mate (HQN), which I liked and I have read a few from the LOTU series. My favorite cover from the ones listed above is The Darkest Seduction because it shows the couple of the novel, not just the hero like most of the covers. Thank you for the giveaway!

    GFC: States of Decay / amethystfaerieATmsnDOTcom

  21. I've read Gena's LOTU series and loved it! I've also enjoyed reading her Alien Huntress series, but I didn't love it as much as the LOTU series. My favorite cover is either The Darkest Surrender or The Darkest Seduction. They're both so hot! Super excited to read Wicked Nights :)
    GFC: laceyblossom

  22. I really love Gena's books. I've read almost all of her series. I've read Atlantis, LOTU, Alien Huntress, Imperia,and Intertwined. My favorite series has definitely been the Lord series. My favorite cover is The Darkest Night...well because look at it.

    GFC name; danni0113

  23. I love Gena's Alien Huntress series and also her Teen Alien Huntress and Intertwined series. My favorite cover above is The Darkest Hour. The dudes are all equally hot, but the lightning gives it a more sexy/dangerous feel.
    GFC: DeeDee Griffin
    deedee [at] grifmail [dot] com

  24. I have read some of the LOTU series so far. Working my way though.

    My favorite is The Darkest Passion

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  25. ven't read any yet but all of her books are on my tbr list. my fave cover is Darkest Night i just find it sexy. my email is metalmulishachick76 at yahoo dot com

  26. I've read the Lords of the Underworld it. My favorite book cover is Gideon's and it's mainly because I love his character the best. If I hadn't read the books at all I think I would pick The Darkest Night cover...I like the placement of the tattoo.


    GFC follower - Debi Anne

  27. OMG OMG I love this giveaway so awesome!! Ok so I have the first to in the lords of the underworld!! I think I have to say I love the cover of them alllllll soooo much but I have to say i like the best is....Wicked nights!!

    Good luck all!!;)) heheeh:)


  28. WOW! I just read the blurb and let me say OMG! I so want to start reading her books.
    I have never heard of Gena Showalter or read any of her books.

    My favorite cover is The Darkest Passion. Though I like them all, that is the one that caught my eye.

    GFC Autumn

  29. I have read a Gena Showalter book. Dark Taste of Rapture. It's from her alien huntress series. My favorite cover is The Darkest Seduction.

    GFC Lori Parker

  30. I have read all of the Lords of the Underworld series, and the latest, Wicked Nights. Love them! My favorite cover would have to be either Wicked Nights or Darkest Seduction. Honestly, can't choose between them. Love the new look, and how it shows the wings.

    GFC Jennifer Griffin