Saturday, July 28, 2012

Toni's Review of Dream Bound by Kate Douglas ***5 Stars***

They are creatures of light in search of an energy source to help them survive. So when the Nyrians discover amazing power in the extreme passion and sexual pleasure of humans, they come to Earth to satisfy their needs. For years, Mac Dugan has been trying to find the mysterious being he once loved and then lost. Now he has gathered a group of six highly intuitive and extremely sexual men and women at a secret mountain hideaway. Here he hopes to focus their potent sensuality into highly erotic fantasies that will summon his lover, Zianne. What he doesn't anticipate is each team member making extraordinary sexual discoveries of their own.


A man who knows his future is waiting for him fights hard and works harder to save the woman he loves and her people.

Twenty years ago Mac Dugan found the love of his life and lost her.  But he is a man that has a second chance.  His love is from the future, his present to be exact.  He spoke to her over time and space and she taught him what he needs to know to save her people.  The time is now!

Mac has brought together his Dream Team; three men and three women that have a little extra and a lot of sexuality.  With his equipment and their imaginations they are setting out to save Mac’s love Zianne and her people, the Nyrians.  Their connection as a group is instant, strong and amazing.  They are more than Mac ever expected and success is in his grasp.

I found the concept behind this story really quite remarkable.  Ms. Douglas has taken the notion of dreams and fantasy to a whole new level.  What if you were really able to project your fantasies into reality and in the same time save a whole race?  Dream Bound is wonderfully refreshing and beyond sexy.  Ms. Douglas can write love, sex and passion like nobody’s business and she will always be a must read for me and she didn’t disappoint here.

While the story revolves around the rescuing of Zianne and her people there are actually nine characters.  I was drawn to each and every one of them.  While some are more front-and-center than others, I could feel that by the time this tale is told they will all be well loved friends.  Each person is unique and the way they are written makes them all special yet familiar.

Dream Bound is marketed as an erotic romance novel.  However, there really isn’t a true “couple”.  The book does have love and discovery between its pages though.  There also isn’t a happy ever after ending, but a happily for now.  It is apparent that it is meant to be a series.  Even with the ending left open, Ms. Douglas doesn’t leave us with a cliff hanger.  You are left satisfied and ready for the next in the series.  I personally can’t wait for November, when Dream Unchained is scheduled to be released.

I would highly recommend that you read her short story Dream Catcher in the Nightshift anthology before you start this novel.  Dream Catcher sets the stage for Dream Bound beautifully and you get a good view into Mac’s reasoning for his lifelong passion.  I could have easily read Dream Bound without it, but I’m glad I didn’t.  Please don’t let not being able to read the prequel deter you from picking up this novel though.  You will not be lost; the experience will be just as fulfilling and enjoyable.  Dream Bound is full of sensual fantasies, likeable characters and a plot that is imaginative, vivid and fascinating.

Dream Bound is a spellbinding tale of second chances, new love and the power of fantasies.  It’s another keeper for my “Kate Douglas” section of my library.  Yes, she has a row all for herself.  Pick up Dream Bound and find out why!


  1. What an absolutely lovely review, Toni. I hope you don't mind that I'm linking to it from my website. Thank you!

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  2. I absolutely love Kate Douglas!!! Thank you for the review. Without it I might have missed this new series completely. :) Thanks again!!!

    1. I just adore her. I hope you like it, I did. I can't wait for the next one.

  3. Love Kate I am a HUGE Kate fan!

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