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5 Stars for Night Reigns by Dianne Duvall

Night Reigns by Dianne Duvall
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you haven’t read Dianne Duvall yet, you need to add her to your list of Paranormal authors. Darkness Dawns is the 1st book in this series and Night Reigns is the 2nd book in the Immortal Guardian series.

In Darkness Dawn we got to meet Amiriska and Marcus who were secondary characters in that story. In Night Reigns we get more details about them and some glimpses back into book one as well.

Marcus is over eight hundred years old and is an Immortal Guaridan aka Protector of humanity. Amiriska aka Ami is believed to be human but at the end of book one we discover that Seth, David and Darnell have discovered exactly what she is and are shocked by it. It definitely leaves you on a cliff hanger wondering what has happened and what is Ami if she’s not human?

As you know from the first book, Seth is basically the leader of the Immortal Guardian group and has powers beyond imagining. He and David are the ones who discovered Ami locked in some horrific testing facility and rescued her and slowly brought her out of her shell. Seth informs Marcus that it’s time for him to take a Second. A Second is basically the Guardians backups, they help them out when they can, provide transportation and basically are their Guardians help when they need it. Seth informs Marcus that Ami is his new Second even though Marcus is extremely upset about that choice and pretty insistent that he doesn’t need a Second. Ami’s pretty surprised herself but she basically rolls through with the verdict.

Marcus and Ami have some serious chemistry going on between them and Marcus starts to completely avoid her, hoping that if he’s stand offish enough she’ll basically abandon her post and want to leave. In the end Ami finds Marcus in a tight spot and they are surrounded by more than thirty rogue vampires. Marcus wants her to run but Ami refuses. The most amazing part about all this is that they actually win the fight and Marcus realizes just how useful and amazing Ami is in a fight, probably enough to take him down.

There’s a lot of tension in the book but it’s definitely a sit down and devour in one night kind of read so try not to start it too late unless you want to miss work the next day.

And if you’re wondering, yes we do finally discover what Ami is. It’s such a wild twist that I could never have imagined it myself and I was taken by surprise (in a good way of course!). This is an intriguing new paranormal world for me and I will continue to follow Dianne’s Immortal Guardian Series. I can’t wait to see some of the other characters find love.

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  1. Is this a great new series or what? A friend recommended her to me and seriously I am so in love with Ms Duvall's work.. so far both books have been out of the ball park! Can't wait to see what happens next.


  2. just finished it ... It was Awesome !!