Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Toni's Review of Changeling Moon By Dani Harper ***4 Stars***

He roams the moonlit wilderness, his every sense and instinct on high alert. Changeling wolf Connor Macleod and his Pack have never feared anything—until the night human Zoey Tyler barely escapes a rogue werewolf's vicious attack.

As the full moon approaches, Zoey has no idea of the changes that are coming, and only Connor can show her what she is, and help her master the wildness inside. With her initiation into the Pack just days away and a terrifying predator on the loose, the tentative bonds of trust and tenderness are their only weapons against a force red in tooth, claw. . .and ultimate evil.


“Changeling Moon” is the first book in a new shapeshifter series. The second book is scheduled to come out June 28th, “Changeling Dream”.

Zoey Tyler is the new editor for the town’s newspaper. She is a city girl who needed to get away for the big city and away from herself. She is fact driven and strong willed. She is enjoying the quiet life and the scenery.  Zoey is not your typical woman. She has her own secrets and fears, and she wants them to stay hidden.

Connor Macleod is the area veterinarian. He has an amazing gift that allows him to communicate with his patients. His life is his practice and his extended family – his pack. Conner is a changeling and now his and the packs way of life is in jeopardy. He will do all he can to protect it.

One cold icy night and everyone’s life has changed forever. Now Zoey has been transformed into something she knows nothing about and Conner is drawn to Zoey to do more than just help her with her change. Problem is there is a force dead set on destroying them and the whole town.

“Changeling Moon” is a nice read. While we see the couple is destined to be together and we know who the villain is, we still have surprises along the way. Ms. Harper has done a wonderful job helping us get to know the characters and her new take on the shapeshifter genre. I am looking forward to the next installment and was very pleasantly surprised that it is coming out within month of this books release. The Macleod’s we have met so far are amazing characters and I can’t wait to meet more of them.

I recommend “Changeling Moon” for an effortless summer read. The story has all one needs for a good read…hot love scenes, hot men, and a touch of humor.

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